bamboo salad bowl And salad claw set

bamboo salad bowl And salad claw set

household storage bowl, can be used for rice, dessert, fruit, snacks.

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    300 Pcs
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    15 days after deposit
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bamboo salad bowl And salad claw set


handcrafted from natural bamboo, our exclusive claws perfectly toss and serve salads and more. The fork grabs larger pieces, while a scoop holds smaller bits. thoughtfully designed ridges rest the claws neatly on the large bamboo bowls 

prepare the perfect salad with these totally bamboo salad claws The handy design lets you mix greens, veggies and dressing thoroughly. start your meal off right, thanks to these totally bamboo salad claws.

salad hands are cute little wooden spoons, shaped like a hand, which make salad prepping, ingredient tossing, scooping from a salad bowl, picking up and serving fun. They are a great alternative to salad tongs and will definitely make people smile when they see you serve salad with these tiny helping hands.

Beside helping you with the salad, they are excellent for entertaining your guests while sitting at the dinner table and enjoying a fresh, healhy salad dish. serving up salads became more fun with this set of cute kitchen utensils. Everybody needs an extra set of hands now and then, so check out these handsome salad hands and make sure you’ll have a pair when throwing the next dinner party for your friends or family.


item no.




Height: 5cm/7cm/9cm

color natural color
300 pcs
grade grade aaa
usage organize and storage for Kitchen,Restaurant,Cafe
material mao bamboo


  • set includes one serving bowl and a set of fork and paddle servers
  • salad set is perfect for intimate dinners or entertaining guests.
  • generously sized bowl comes with servers for presenting, tossing, and serving salads and fruits.
  • made of environmentally friendly bamboo.

warm notice:

hand wash with a mild soap and cool water. do not soak.
do not put in the dishwasher, microwave or refrigerator.
extreme changes in temperature will cause the material to crack over time.

dry thoroughly. occasional use of mineral oil on the inside will help maintain its appearance.

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